Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The Executive Management Committee (EMC)

Our resolve shall be to build organizational character, internal democracy and corporate governance in the conduct of the affairs of the EMC and professionally supervise the Board of Administrators while accountable to the Board of Trustees.

To that extent, the loyalty shall be to the INDG/IPA Constitution; to optimally deploy its services for the benefit of members and the Ijaw nation through well-founded programmes arrived at by transparent decision-making processes and procedures.

Therefore we are disposed to:
1) Empathy
2) Cordiality
3) Respect
4) Trust
5) Resourcefulness

Decision Making

1) Except in emergency situations, all matters for consideration by the EMC shall be presented on the “floor” Executive Loop by the Sponsor for at least 48 hours; giving clear brief including but not limited to objectives and justifications to enable EMC reach a guided decision.
2) Debates shall be frank without any form of censorship, gagging, pressure or rancor.
3) If the matter attracts very low participation/contribution, it shall be represented or extended for 24hours and if the status quo continues, it shall naturally lapse and considered defeated.
4) Where there are no fewer than 7 (Seven) members present and participating in debating an ordinary administrative issue, the President shall call for a YES or NO vote and a simple majority of members present and participating in the debate shall carry the day.
5) On a Constitutional Issue, recourse shall be made to the Constitution.
6) Where a decision cannot be reached due to the nature or technicality of the issue, the matter shall be referred to a 3man Committee set up for that purpose. The Committee shall conclude its deliberation within 24hours and report its findings to the EMC and the President shall call for only votes upon the submission of the report. A simple majority of votes shall carry the day.
7) In Emergencies, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Director Legal and the Director directly affected shall decide and take necessary actions but shall report its decisions to the EMC within 24hours of making the decision. It shall consult if the situation permits with the Secretary and Chairman of the BoT.

Media, Correspondence and Releases

Every idea, intention, issue or matter for the Press must be tabled on the floor of the EMC for consideration first for a period as the urgency of the occasion shall demand or such a period as the President shall set.
1) General Correspondences, Mails and Releases shall be co-signed by the President and Secretary except as directed depending on the nature and circumstances. Drafts of general nature shall be originated by the Director, Multimedia and Spokesperson.

2) On Specific Correspondences, the Directorate affected shall originate the memo or Release for the consideration of the Whole or where it involves Releases, h/she shall originate the draft for the inputs by the Director, Legal Services and Director, Multimedia and Spokesperson, Secretary and the President in no particular order.

Budget and Finance

All requests for funds shall be made to the Director, Treasury and Finance who shall if she considers ok, present same to the EMC for consideration and approval by votes. PROVIDED always the uses of funds shall be in line with the Constitution.

Decorum and Respect

The EMC is made up of adults of proven records in their respective fields of endeavour. A very high standard of conduct and speaking is expected on the floor of the platforms, outside the Group and while contributing or participating in discussions at the EMC. The President is the first among equals and except he so directs shall conduct the business of the EMC. In his absence on good grounds, the Vice President shall conduct the affairs of the EMC.
1) Use of abusive language or innuendoes shall not be tolerate. The President shall caution a defaulting member and where the situation persists, shall table the matter before the EMC who shall decide on the action to be taken including but not limited to suspension and or sack from the EMC and the Group.
2) A member of the EMC shall not divulge any information written, voice or video to any person outside the EMC. Divulging of information to 3rd Party shall attract expulsion from the EMC. The matter shall be considered by a 3man panel of investigation set up for that purpose. The panel shall self regulate and shall submit its report within 24hours after being set up. The proprietary rights over all materials published belongs to INDG/IPA and retains the right at all times material.

3) Protect the integrity of the Members of the EMC and assets in h/her custody.

4) Honestly carry out assignments given in the best of endeavours and in line with international best practices.

5) Not to be involved in subversive activities that will undermine the EMC and the INDG/IPA. If found shall lead to outright dismissal from the EMC by majority votes.


1) The President is the Official line of Communication with the BoT i.e. to the Secretary of the BoT.
2) The Secretary is the Official Line of Communication to the Board of Administration.

Finance Management

The management of INDG/IPA funds is organized in very transparent, efficient financial management systems with guaranteed accountability.

The funds of INDG/IPA shall be derived from but not limited to the following sources:
a) Membership registration fees
b) Membership dues
c) Special levies payable
d) Free will donations from members, patrons and philanthropists of Ijaw or other extractions as touching projects of particular or general nature
e) Grants from donor organizations whether national, international or supra-national
f) Fund raisers

Funds of INDG/IPA shall NOT be applied to criminal activities or to fund torrorism but for:
a) Assisting members of INDG/IPA.
b) INDG/IPA programmes to achieve the Aims and Objectives of the Assembly
c) The development and prosperity of the Ijaw Nation and People
e) For legal action for the defense, protection of the environment, natural resources and people of the Ijaw Nation.

The financial operations shall be subjected to periodic internal and external audits. The audit groups shall also be responsible to keep in check the inflow and outflow of funds from the Assembly’s Accounts.

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