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Ijaw Cause & INC/IYC

1. Committed to the Ijaw Struggle and Cause.
2. Support the Ijaw National Congress (INC) and Ijaw Youth Organization (IYC) and other sister organizations that share similar objectives

Ijaw Rights & IPA Objectives

3. Promote Ijaw rights, and advocate good policies and good governance on all matters that affect Ijaws.
4. Pursue the IPA Objectives without creed, gender, religion, politics or political party affiliation.

Respect & Ijaw Unity

5. Respect for age, cordiality, Ijaw tradition and religious diversity of members.
6. Promote Ijaw unity and brotherhood.

IPA Logo

Ijaw Content & Learning

7. Develop Ijaw Content, build capacity and competence.
8. Promote Learning and Research in Ijaw history, customs, culture and tradition and worldview.

Ijaw Rights & IPA Objectives

9. Serve as a conflict resolution and peace building mechanism.
Promote peaceful. 
10. Neighbourliness and inter-ethnic cooperation.

Partnership & Cooperation

11. Partnership and Cooperation for shared vision